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လုၵ်ႉတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇပပ်ႉ မႃး

This template is for manually adjusting sorting order in sortable tables by specified sortkeys.

  • {{sort | 1 = {{{sort value}}} | 2 = {{{displayed value}}} }}{{{displayed value}}}

The first parameter is the sortkey; the second parameter is the wikitext of what has to be displayed. By default, this is the sortkey with link brackets:

  • {{sort | 1 = {{{displayed value}}} }}[[{{{displayed value}}}]]

A table using this template should use it in all rows.

This template works by placing a hidden sortkey before the visible text. The hiding of the sortkey is achieved through CSS: <span style="display:none" class="sortkey">hidden text</span>. The CSS class allows custom sort scripts to parse and get the sort key, and remove it from the DOM if needed (for some accessibility tools).

|{{sort|Brothers Karamazov|[[The Brothers Karamazov]]}}

Note: You should always have the same number of characters in the sortkeys for a given table if you intend to sort them by numeric values (some other templates are formating the numeric sort key as needed). E.g., if the wikitable will be sorting the numbers 56 (foo), 94 (bar), and 103 (baz), then your templates within that wikitable should be:


If you simply code as the second parameter an indicator that two items are equally ranked, e.g. "4=", the template interpreter will treat this as an additional parameter (i.e. parameter 4, which it will then not use). You must explicitly code this as parameter 2: