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လုၵ်ႉတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇပပ်ႉ မႃး
Warning:  Note, this is nearly but not identical to the Wikipedia template of the same name. This version defaults to group=note versus Wikipedia's default of 'lower-alpha', as does the Wikibook version of {{efn}} or "Explanatory Foot Note".

Purpose in brief
  • {{efn}} is used, together with {{notelist}}, to create explanatory notes. Successive {{efn|Explanation or commentary or exception}} is individually numbered and linked to the notelist section, so that clicking on a note# hyperlink navigates to the expanded text, the information note—which then becomes highlighted in the notes compendium. Clicking highlighted note pops the reader back to the original page paragraph, section, or table they'd been reading.
  • {{notelist}} creates a section of explanatory notes that were individually specified by {{efn}} tags in the article.


{{efn|Footnote text}}

{{efn|name=footnote name|Footnote text}}

|name= Sets a standard reference name per W:WP:NAMEDREFS.

{{efn|group=footnote group|Footnote text}}

|group= Sets the group name. This defaults to lower-alpha.

The available options are:

group Styled as
note [note 1]
upper-alpha [A]
upper-roman [IV]
lower-alpha [a]
lower-greek [α][β]
lower-roman [iv]

Remember that "=" cannot appear in an unnamed template parameter and "|" cannot appear in any template parameter. For "|", {{!}} can be used. For "=", {{=}} can be used or the parameter can be named 1= explicitly:

{{efn|1=Converting at a rate of Kr 20 = £1.}}


  1. en-Wikipedia's {{ Efn }} Help here has a full example and cross links to other help pages.
  2. Locally, these templates were first used documenting the complex Trainz Simulator software releases Help book here—a product family now approaching its twentieth year anniversary. The following Trainz pages mix complex text with both expository footnotes and reference citations:"
    1. Trainz/Glossary#cite_ref-3, or Trainz/Glossary illustrating one can navigate directly to such a note.
    2. Trainz/Version_And_Build_Numbers#cite_note-Trainz_build_versions-5 or page top: Trainz/Version_And_Build_Numbers and the introductory:
    3. Trainz/Fundamentals#cite_note-2 or Trainz/Fundamentals
  3. Or just use the Whatlinkshere tool to pick your own favorite, it